2021 Season, Tryouts, Practice Start Dates, and New Check-in Screening: RUVNA

We’re still working towards having a 2021 Track and Field season. It may not be what we were all used to but we will try to deliver some form of competition season for our team. We are in communication with the other Bay League coaches and hope to have an update soon. A Lot of our future decisions will depend on the guidelines set by the LA County Department of Public Health. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

To be eligible to tryout you must complete the info needed on our Mira Costa 8 to 18 website. Parents: go to https://miracosta.8to18.com/accounts/login and create a profile. Make sure to select “Track and Field” as the sport. After you create the profile print and fill out the forms needed below. They can be found on the MCHS Website under the ATHLETICS tab

  1. Athletic Physical is needed, and Physical Form signed by the athlete’s Physician.
  2. Athletic / Activity Emergency Card filled out by Parents.
  3. MBUSD Athlete Participation Waiver Filled out by Parents
  4. Please Note: If your child earns a roster spot on the team, they will need to take a Covid-19 test and turn in a copy of the Negative result before they are a part of the in-person practices.

Due to current safety and social distancing protocols, the following procedures are being implemented to process the necessary athletic packet paperwork. You will need to physically drop off the required items in a sealed envelope addressed to Cindy Gardner with the athlete’s name and respective sport. Please place in a box located inside the main office M/Tu/Th/F 8:00am – 4:00pm. E-mailed documents will not be accepted. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we navigate through these uncharted times.

Once all athletic paperwork is cleared by our Administration Office, the Track Head Coaches will email you to set up a Tryout.

Tryout Dates: Monday, February 1st and Tuesday, February 2nd
This will be the only open tryout for the season.

If you have any questions please email the Coaches:
Co-Head Coach Russell (Moe.mctrack@gmail.com)
Co-Head Coach Singiser (Ssingiser@mbusd.org)

Track Practice will start Wednesday, Feb 3rd and Thursday, Feb 4th. Check the list to see what Group Cleared Athlete’s are in and what Day / Time you are Training. If your name is not on the list please contact Coach Moe or Coach Singiser.

Please only bring items needed for working out. Example Water or Sports drink, Hand sanitizer, and towel. Masks must be worn at all times. All athletes will enter through the Lower Track gate on Peck.

NEW Check-in Screening: RUVNA
This is Costa Athletics’ new way to pre-screen athletes before they arrive on campus for in-person workouts. Families will receive emails/texts that go out at 6:45 am.

Families need to answer the questions with fidelity. The honesty in their response is critical to our ability to appropriately operate. Once completed it will show a green confirmation screen that the parent will need to send to their athlete’s phone. The athlete will show their screen to their event coach when they arrive for in-person workouts. Athletes will not be allowed to enter the stadium without this completed.

If families are not receiving these emails/texts messages, Please let Coach Moe or Coach Singiser know. Co-Head Coach 

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Celebrating our 2020 Season

Congrats to all of our athletes and coaches on making it to the end of the season!  We are sad that we aren’t able to celebrate the season together with a banquet but we want to showcase some of the highlights of our season through our traditional banquet program.  Click HERE to view our 2020 program to celebrate our scholar atheletes and other season highlights.

Congrats to our Seniors!

Re-watch our athletes in action here:
Mustang Roundup Invitational at Trabuco Hills High School
Mc vs Santa Monica
MC vs West Torrance

Distance Seniors send a special thank you to their coaching team.  View HERE

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Costa vs Torrance Results

3/11 WED: Home Meet vs Torrance
Costa vs Torrance Results

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Costa vs West Results

Costa vs West Results
Race Videos

Long Jump:
* 1st place Marissa Andrade – 15’2” (PR)
* Allyssa Lessinger – 13’5”(PR)
* Dylan Evans – 16’5.5”(PR)
* Mauricio Tarnapolsky – 16’3”(PR)
* 1st place Kobe Miyake – 20’6.5”
* 3rd place Jack Donahue – 19’9”(PR)
* Nick Micali – 19’7”(PR)
* Jaden McDonald – 16’11”(PR)

Triple Jump:
* 1st place Savannah Stroyke – 31’0”
* 2nd place Siera Pickering – 30’1”
* Kyra Harada – 27’0” (PR)
* 1st place Sulaiman Hussain (39’4.5”)
* 3rd place Nick Micali (37’9.5”) (PR)
* 1st place Owen Spencer (36’11”) (PR)
* 3rd place Ashton Kloes (32’6”) (PR)

High Jump:
* 1st place Julie Saive (4’8”)
* 1st place Casey Meyer (5’8”)
* 3rd place Jack Donahue (5’0”)
* Michael McDonald (4’8”) (PR)
* 2nd place Owen Spencer (5’0”)

Shot Put:
1st place Alyssa Toyooka – 31’7” (PR)
Maddie Misch – 18’7.5” (PR)
1st place Ella Mead – 20’4”
Tyler Giles – 19’5” (PR)
1st place Jacob Elson – 45’2.5”
2nd place Sam Michael – 38’2.5”
2nd place Emerson Young – 30’4” (PR)
Zac Doyle – 24’.25” (PR)

2nd place Alyssa Toyooka – 78’1.5” (PR)
3rd place Ella Mead – 60’.5”
Tyler Giles – 59’7.5” (PR)
1st place Jacob Elson – 99’7.5”
2nd place Luke Arruda – 98’5” (PR)
Jonathan Graves – 80’7” (PR)
Emerson Young – 61’9” (PR)

Check out photos of our previous meets HERE
Have pictures to share?  Email Gillian Weston for the uploading links.  All pictures are available for free downloads by selecting the picture and right clicking “save photo”

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Mama D’s fundraising night!  Your efforts earned us $350!  Our next restaurant fundraiser will be all-day at Cafe Rio on Thursday, March 26th.

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Trabuco Hills Round-Up Results


Jumps Highlights
Long Jump:
2nd place: Owen Spencer – 18’9.25” (F/S)
PR: Ashton Kloes – 14’9” (F/S)
PR: Savannah Stroyke – 14’2” (F/S)
Triple Jump:
2nd place and PR: Owen Spencer – 35’0.5” (F/S)
PR: Ashton Kloes – 32’4” (F/S)
PR: Savannah Stroyke – 31’2” (F/S)
PR: Siera Pickering – 30’7.5” (F/S)
PR: Katelyn Lowry – 35’5.5” (Var)
High Jump:
PR and 1st place: Julie Saive – 4’11” (F/S)
PR and 2nd place: Owen Spencer – 5’1” (F/S)

Distance Highlights
22 PRs set by the boys distance in the 800, 1600 and 3200
16 PRs set by the girls distance in the 800, 1600 and 3200

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Home Meet vs SAMO Results

Results MC vs SAMO

Throws Highlights:
Jacob Elson 1st place Boys Varsity shot put 44’ 8.50”
Sam Michael 2nd place & PR Boys Varsity shot put 38’ 7”
Alyssa Toyooka 1st place & PR Girls Varsity shot put 30’ 3.5”
Maddie Bream 2nd place Girls Varsity shot put 19’ 10.25”
Jacob Elson 1st place Boys Varsity discus 99’ 5.5”
Luke Arruda 2nd place Boys Varsity discus 88’ 4”
Alyssa Toyooka 1st place & PR Girls Varsity discus 67’ 4.5”
Catriona Lyons 2nd place Girls Varsity discus 54’ 4”
Emerson Young 2nd place & PR Boys Frosh/Soph shot put 31’ 9”
Ella Mead 2nd place & PR Girls Frosh/Soph shot put 21’ 8”
Angelo Panaro 1st place & PR Boys Frosh/Soph discus 59’ 11.5”
Zac Doyle 2nd place & PR Boys Frosh/Soph discus 57’ 1”
Ella Mead 2nd place & PR Girls Frosh/Soph discus 60’ 9.5”

Distance Highlights:
800 Girls: 1st place Dalia Frias 2:24.50 & 2nd place Pnina Tofler 2:31.14
1600 Girls: Costa Sweep 1-3rd Cara Chittenden 5:33.50, Carmen Mel 5:34.31 & Lucy Konsmo 5:34.61
4×400: 1st place Dalia Frias, Lucy Konsmo, Jasmin Peterman and Pnina Tofler
800 Boys: 1st place Billy Atkinson 1:56.95, 3rd place Colin Beale 2:04.03
1600 Boys: 2nd place Thomas Velvin 4:30.38
3200 Boys: Costa sweep Billy Atkinson, Cormac Carew and Colin Beale
800 Girls: 2nd Lucca Franz 2:42.52
1600 Girls: Costa Sweep 1st Kayla Kershaw 5:51.48, 2nd Lucca Franz 5:58.44 & 3rd Sarah McDonald 6:02.68
800 Boys: 2nd Max Levin 2:14.67
1600 Boys: 1st Max Levin 4:53.90, 2nd Kai Graham 4:56.35

Jumps Highlights:
Long Jump
PR and 2nd Place: Owen Spencer – 19’2” (F/S)
PR and 2nd Place: Brent Boone – 20’4” (Var)
PR and 1st Place: Siera Pickering – 14’3” (F/S)
PR and 1st Place: Katelyn Lowry – 15’11” (Var)
Triple Jump
PR, 1st Place, and NEW VARSITY SCHOOL RECORD: Brent Boone – 44’8” (Var)
PR and 1st Place: Billy Craig – 33’11” (F/S)
PR and 1st Place: Savannah Stroyke- 30’10.5” (F/S)
PR and 1st Place: Katelyn Lowry – 35’0” (Var)
High Jump
PR and 2nd Place: Owen Spencer – 4’10” (F/S)
PR and 1st Place: Brenton Gerhardt – 5’2” (Var)

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Torrance Zamperini Invitational Results

Results for Zamperini Invitational HERE
Results PDF

Highlights from the Jumps Crew:
Katelyn Lowry – 1st place & PR Girls Varsity long jump 15’9.5”
Siera Pickering – 3rd place Girls Frosh long jump 14’1.5”
Savanah Stroke – 3rd place Girls Frosh triple jump 29’10.5”

Highlights from Pole Vault:
Samantha Anderson 1st place Frosh/Soph girls 8-03 ft

Highlights from Distance:
Billy Atkinson 1st place 5000 m 15:07.39
Anna Chittenden 3rd place 1600 m 5:31.14
Cassidy George 5th place 1600 m 5:32.47

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Season schedule and post-meeting to-dos

Post-Parent Meeting To-dos:
1. Submit a physical for your athlete, complete their 8to18 registration and fill out and return a Emergency card (Instructions HERE) Athletes will need all three done in order to participate.
2. Give your Fair Share online HERE and receive a thank you gift of a lawn sign.
3. Print and fill out an Alternate Transportation Form if you want to take your athlete home from competitions.
4. Uniforms: If your athlete has not ordered an uniform, please contact Elizabeth Cervantes
5. Sign up to Volunteer!! We are asking for each family to commit to volunteering at 3 meets and donating 2 snack stand items
6. Season Schedule
7. If you aren’t receiving our emails, please subscribe HERE (please check junk mail first)

Save the Dates:
3/21 Mustang Relays
4/25 Annual Fundraiser Mustang Youth Meet
5/26 Annual Banquet, Tuesday

2019 Spring Track Syllabus

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Welcome to Track!

Uniform Questions? Contact Mirna Puma and/or Elizabeth Cervantes

8to18 Registration: ALL athletes need to add Track and Field to their 8to18 registration.  XC athletes will need to update their profiles to include Track and Field. Detailed instructions HERE

2019 Track Video from banquet courtesy of Vaughn Gill

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State Championships Results

Live Results
Congrats to Dalia on wrapping up her season running 4.56.39 for the 1600 m!

Performance List

CIF State Website

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