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MCHS Track & Field Boosters
PO Box 1195
Manhattan Beach CA 90267

The Mira Costa Track & Field Boosters operates under the framework of the MBX (formerly known as the Manhattan Beach Athletic Foundation), which is a federal tax-exempt organization (FEIN 02-0603467). Donations to MBX, with Track & Field in the memo, go directly to the Track & Field program and are tax-deductible. Please see the Booster tab for more info about the Booster Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are tryouts?
Track & Field tryouts are held at the beginning of the fall semester.  Exact date TBA.

Q. Does track train all year round?
Yes, but with exceptions such as athletes with injuries or in a fall sport.  Athletes are always encouraged to talk to their coaches to plan their training schedule ahead of time if possible.

Q. Can the Athlete do multiple events in track?
A. Simple answer is yes. Athlete must reach out to the coaches to plan accordingly for try outs and training.

Q. I want to help, but am not sure what’s needed.
A. Woohoo!!! Sign up today or go online for volunteer opportunities. Click HERE for volunteer opportunities and/or contact the boosters at MCTrackBoosters@gmail.com and let us know what your skills/interests are and we’ll help get you plugged in!

Q. How many shifts should I work during the season? 
A. Please sign up for “3 shifts” per family and a snack stand donation if you can. We welcome you to come and “shadow” one of our volunteers to see what the shifts involve before you sign on the dotted line! These are FUN volunteer opportunities and will put you on the field and CLOSE TO THE ACTION.

Q. If I volunteer, will I miss my kid’s event? 
A. Not to worry! If you’re working the Snack Stand, there are several co-workers to cover for you during your athlete’s event. We suggest that for Field Events, the best way to make sure you see your athlete compete is to volunteer to help with their event. For example, parents of runners are naturals for the finish line. Parents of jumpers sign up to help with jumps, and so on.

Q. How do I donate to MCHS Track & Field?
You can donate by check with this FORM or you can donate online HERE. While the suggested amount is $225 per athlete, any amount is greatly appreciated and is tax deductible. THANK YOU!

Q. Where do we find Meet Results? 
A. Results for Invitational meets: The Invitational Hosts usually post results on their website. You can find invitational websites by going to www.prepcaltrack.com or http://www.Athletic.net.

Q. How do I get information on schedule changes, Meet information, and volunteer needs?
A. Subscribe to the MCHS Track & Field Boosters email list,  “Like” us on Facebook, and periodically check this website and eblast.

Q. Does my athlete have to stay for the entire meet?
A. Yes. Like any team sport, all participants stay from beginning to end regardless of whether they are actively competing at any given moment. Roll is taken during the team meeting held after the Meet. Like any excused absences, please contact your coaches and plan accordingly.

Q. Does my athlete have to ride the bus home from an away Meet?
A. If you are attending an away Meet and would like to bring your athlete home with you, be sure to fill out the Alternate Transportation Form before the Meet, and have it on file with your athlete’s coach. They must also inform the coach that they will not be taking the bus home. According to CIF rules, athletes may not ride to or from Meets with other students.

Q. Which schools are in Bay League?
A. Culver City, Mira Costa, Palos Verdes, Peninsula, Santa Monica, Redondo Union

Q. What is expected if the Athlete is on vacation? Do they train all year round through winter break or spring break?
A. The general rule is if the Athlete is in town, they train with their team (if there is training scheduled). If the athlete is out of town, they can self train as long as they communicate their training program with their coach.

Q. What about Athletes with injuries?
A. Athletes with injuries will need to check in with their coaches and a proper program can be set for the Athlete.

Q. Do I have to give money to the program in order for my athlete to participate?
A. No. State law prohibits mandatory fees to participate in school activities. However, there are costs associated with athletics, and without voluntary donations, the program would cease to exist. There are several ways to help without cash outlay for those who seek an alternative: participate in fundraisers; work meets; donate items to snack stand.

Q. How can I access pictures from the meets or share pictures/videos?
Photos are shared on Track’s website HERE. To share pictures contact our booster photo coordinator Gillian Weston.

Q. Why are Field shifts longer than Snack Stand shifts?
A. With the exception of finish line timers, most Field Shifts do not last the entire meet — however the start window can often fluctuate, therefore the Volunteer site shows a three-hour shift. Snack Stand is split into two shifts because it includes set up (starting at 2 pm) and tear down. Finish line timers, for consistency’s sake, do work the entire meet unless they can split the shift with someone who is equally familiar with the process (later in the season). At Mustang Relays, due to the long day, there are two shifts of Timers (and they are only used to back up the electronic timer used for that day).


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