Track Meet – Mira Costa vs. Peninsula @ Costa: Saturday, April 17, 2021

Do parents need to register for the observer seat assignments? 
At this time, there is no sign-up sheet for seat assignments.  However, you will need to fill out in advance the screening questions sheet and bring this with you when you check-in. Upon your arrival, you will be ushered to your household seating area. Seat assignments will be on a first come first serve basis – no pre-assignment. Volunteers get the best view and will be allowed on the field. Long jump and high jump parent volunteers are needed. Please sign up to volunteer here.

The events start at 10am, but is there estimated end time for the athletes? 
Dual meet is typically about 2-3 hours if everything is working as planned.  For this Saturday, we hope the meet to be over no later than 1pm.  This will also depend on which event your athlete is signed up for.  It is best if your athlete talks directly with their event coach if they can leave after their event or stay until a certain time.
View the Meet Program
View the Event List

8:30am – Athletes arrive
9am – Volunteers arrive
9:30am – Spectators arrive
10am – Start time: Races
10am – Start time: Field events


  • Observers, gathered in household groups have specific seat sections assigned to them. Household groups must enter together. 
  • Observers in household groups will fill out this Screening Questions Sheet for their entire household group (one sheet per household).
  • Spectators will be let in 30min before the start of the meet at 9:30am. 
  • Spectators must wear masks at all times and must stay in the Stadium Bleachers.
  • Spectators are not allowed on the Field, at Discus on the West Field, or at Pole Vault. 
  • If an observer exits a facility during the game, you may not return.

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