Shante Robinson headed to the State Meet!

Great job to Shante Robinson at the Masters Meet!  She has earned herself a spot at the State Meet and will be competing next Friday, 6/6 in Clovis.  Go Shante!  Results from the Masters Meet HERE.

Team Photo If your athlete did not attend the Team Banquet, or did not receive a Team Photo, please have them contact Coach Calderon. The Boosters had one printed for each athlete in the program.

Track & Field needs your Voices! School Board Meeting Next Wednesday, June 4 at  6:30!
Next Wednesday night the MBUSD will be addressing the issue of funding as it relates to Coach Stipends. As you know, for the past two years, our Booster Club has had to raise all funds associated with running our program (including bus transportation and coaches compensation). As a solidified group, the Boosters from all the athletic programs at MCHS have asked the School Board to resume paying coaches. We need support and voices at that meeting.  If you or your student would like to speak at the meeting (3 minutes or less), please email us at and we will give you all the pertinent details.

Banquet Gratitude: It was quite a group effort, as you might imagine, to pull off an event for 365 people! We had gift wrappers, foot “soldiers” who solicited gifts and restaurant certificates for the coaches, RSVP counters, money depositers, candy centerpiece makers, shoppers, hotel liaison, slideshow creators, check-in table help, projector gurus, table setters, program editor, program folders and general “what do you need” helpers that that arrived early. So many that we probably have unintentionally left someone out, but know that you are all appreciated!

Chairs: Michelle Lautanen, Laura Hodges, Cindy McMahon
Support Team: Shannon Anderson, Daryle Aniello, MaryLou Cahir, Janna Grundeken, Brett Hodges, Jada Hong, Karen Hunt, Jenee Julius, Joe McMahon, Nancy Pappas, Kelly Perez, Janice Polizzotto, Lan Shirazi, Cecilia Verket, Jennifer Williams

Closing out the Booster Business: We are in the process of closing the books on this season, wrapping up all the details and filling our leadership positions for next year. If you have an interest in joining the Board, please reply to this message. We currently need someone to organize the Restaurant Fundraisers (such as the CPK night), someone to manage sales-related fundraisers (such as the Jamba Card fundraiser), an apparel sales co-chair (to assist our Uniform and Spirit Gear chairs), and a few other areas.

We will have our next Board Meeting on Sunday, June 8 at 1:30 pm at a private home. If you are interested in attending, please email us at and we will send you the address (We’re not trying to be mysterious, we’re just trying to protect personal information.)

Many thanks to our 2013-14 Board and Leadership:
President: Cindy McMahon
VP/Treasurer: Lan Shirazi
VP: Tina Ohmstede
VP/Fundraisers: Meika Fang
Volunteer Coordinator: Laura Hodges

2013-14 Booster Committee Chairs:
Snack Stand co-chairs:
Karen Hunt, Chris Edmonds
Webmaster: Jada Hong
Lead Photographer: Brett Hodges
Spirit Gear: Kim Robinson
Uniforms: Daryle Aniello
Banner Sales: Denny Hooten
Snack Stand Set-up Crew: Peter Onusconich, Henry Perez, Joe McMahon
Recording Secretary: Kelly Perez
Finish Line Timers Chief: David Pio

Thank you in advance to these fine folks who have thrown their hats in the ring for next year:
Proposed 2014-15 Booster Board and Committee Chairs:
President: Laura Hodges
VP/Treasurer: Lan Shirazi
Vice President: Jennifer Williams
Communications: Tina Stout
Volunteer Coordinator: MaryLou Cahir
Snack Stand Co-chairs: Karen Hunt, Chris Edmonds, Deida Merkens, MaryLou Cahir
Apparel Co-Chairs: Daryle Anielo (TeamWear/Uniforms); Kim Robinson (Spirit Gear)
Banner/Sponsorship Sales: Denny Hooten and Steve Delk
Restaurant & Sales-related Fundraising:Open
Banquet Coordinators: Kelly Perez, Michelle Lautanen, Dawn Robinson
Snack Stand Set-up/tear down: Henry Perez (need additional muscle!)
Finish Line Timers Chief: David Pio

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