Banquet & Mt. Sac Recap

The Banquet: How sweet it was!

From the candy centerpieces to the kind words and mutual admiration on display among the athletes and their coaches, this was one sweet night! Yes, it ran overtime. Maybe even set a new record! But, when we boil down to the reason it was long, we realize it’s because the coaches and kids truly care about one another, and they want to verbally express their love and respect for each other in a public forum. (It’s not like we were missing anything with that Laker game that was showing in the lobby, anyhow. Now if it had been a Kings game, there would have been trouble….just sayin!) Anyhow, we are always looking for ways to shorten up the evening — and occasionally we’ve been successful. Regardless of the length, I am so grateful that our program has kept this T&F Tradition alive — to celebrate the athleticism, leadership and character of these kids — and the folks who coach them. Thank you all for attending (295 of you, as a matter of fact!)

And, to continue those kind words of gratitude:
Thanks so much to the coaches, who thoughtfully prepared encouraging comments for every athlete on their squads. That’s a lot of work!
We are forever awed by the creative direction and inspiration of Rania Zein, whose attention to detail (did we mention edible centerpieces? Balloon arch tied to hurdles? Loved it!) brought out the best in everyone involved. She is one awesome volunteer Banquet Coordinator!
Thank you to Nancy Pappas for generously supplying the printing for the programs and the photos.
Thank you to Rania, Meika Fang and Tina Ohmstede for their many hours of looking at the SmugMug Gallery to choose and display photos of every athlete. Visine drops for you, ladies!
Thank you to Jeff Tong (speaking of SmugMug), who created a slideshow for the ages with the Freshman-Senior before and after photos — as well as the slideshow of all the athletes. Countless hours went into that!  And he’s not off the clock yet — he would like you to contact him if you have Banquet photos to share! Email Jeff. What will we do without you next year, Jeff? (That’s a hint for all you great photogs out there who have underclassmen….we are awaiting your phonecall!!!)
Shout out to The Perez Family, who amused us all and really tickled Coach Fish with their spoof of the Dos XX commercials — The Most Interesting Coach in the Southbay video. Wanna see it again? Click  HERE
We are also extremely appreciative of the partnership with the Marriott. They offer our group a dinner rate that is well below that charged to corporate customers. We wouldn’t be able to do it without their support!
The Three-Peat Bay League Championship shirts looked great — thanks to Tina Ohmstede’s fast work! All boys on Varsity were awarded a t-shirt. If anyone else would like to buy one, email Tina.
Thank you to all who volunteered behind the scenes and made donations to make this happen! Our Boosters supplement the Banquet financially so that we offer the dinner at a cost below what we are charged for it, as well as offering free dinners to the coaches, 4-year athletes and those who are otherwise financially unable to attend. We really appreciate your support both at Banquet time and all year long!

Wow. Now the thank-you note is as long as the Banquet!!! Next week, in our season wrap-up, we’ll include a list of all the award winners!

Season Is Complete: Mt. Sac Results
It was a tough year in the Southern Section, and despite top notch finishes — and a new school record —  none of our athletes qualified to move on to Masters this weekend. Congrats to all 9 of those Mustangs for taking it to the Sectional level! The Boys 4X400 relay of Carter Anderson, Kyle Hubbard, Corbin Gates and Dylan Gates etched their names in the Costa recordbook by running a 3:20.55. Way to go, boys!

Mustangs in the News
You’ll have to scroll all the way to the end of this one to read about our Mustangs, but click here for yesterday’s Beach Reporter coverage from last weekend.

Have a great 3-day weekend!

Cindy McMahon
For the Boosters

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