Big Week for MCHS Track…We need you!

Rubio’s Wednesday and Home Meets Thursday & Saturday!

Leap on over to the Rubio’s Fundraiser this Wednesday Feb 29!
You’ve got an extra day this year — use it wisely!  Join your fellow Mustangs for dinner at Rubio’s Manhattan Beach on Sepulveda! Dine in or take-out anytime after 2pm — bring this FLYER with you and MCHS Track & Field will get a cut! Print flyers at home to give your friends and neighbors too, but remember — we are NOT allowed to distribute them at the restaurant or in the parking lot (that’ll negate the whole deal, and won’t that be a big bummer?) We are hoping for the same great participation we had at Spike Night at Village Runner (more than 50 pairs of shoes were purchased!)

First Home Meet Thursday Afternoon, March 1 at 2:45 – Volunteers Needed!
We — and our athletes — are all anxiously awaiting that first meet. But we can’t do it without lots of help! Please volunteer your time at the Snack Stand or on the Field! Sign up on the Volunteer Spot site ASAP for Thursday and/or Saturday (oh, heck — you can sign up for all of the meets if you want!) The meet begins at 2:45 and is usually over close to 6pm. See the Schedule Tab for info on the order of events.

Uniforms/Sweats/Merchandise Update
The coaches have received the uniforms and sweats and will distribute them directly to the students at school this week. The pre-ordered merchandise — excluding duffels — has arrived and will be available for pickup at the Merchandise Table next to the Snack Stand on Thursday night. (There’s an outside chance we will send it home with your athlete, but we don’t want to interfere with the uniform distribution, which takes precedence this week!) Also, if you didn’t get a chance to purchase at the Parent Meeting, there will be merchandise for sale at the meets as well (e.g., decals, license plate frames, luggage/bag tags, stadium chairs and spike bags). The duffels, since they include personalization, will take a bit longer, but we hope to have them next week. We will have a few extra for purchase, but buyers will have to get the bags personalized on their own.

Thank you to those who have so generously donated to Track & Field through the Boosters. We have asked for a voluntary donation of $50 or more from each family to help cover progam expenses not covered by public sources. If you are able, the program would greatly benefit from your generosity. Also, if you would like to buy a Stadium Banner to advertise your business, or would like to ask one of your favorite merchants to do so, please check out our sponsorship program. Information on donating and Banners is on the website under the Booster Club tab.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering
Q: How many shifts should I work during the season?
A: In a perfect world, we would all only have to work one shift, but as we all know, the world’s not perfect! Some parents have work/time/physical constraints that do not allow them to volunteer. So, if you are able to work one or more shifts this season (especially at Mustang Relays!), we hope that you will. It is actually fun — seriously! — and helps pass the time that you would be sitting there, being nervous about your son or daughter’s event anyhow! We welcome you to come and “shadow” one of our volunteers to see what the shifts involve before you sign on the dotted line!
Q: If I volunteer, will I miss my kid’s event?
A: We’ve had some questions over the years about working shifts and potential conflicts with seeing our own athletes compete. Not to worry! If you’re working the Snack Stand, there are several co-workers to cover for you during your athlete’s event. We suggest that for Field Events, the best way to make sure you see your athlete compete is to volunteer to help with their event. For example, parent of runners are naturals for the finish line. Parents of jumpers sign up to help with jumps, and so on.
Q: Why are Field shifts longer than Snack Stand shifts?
A: With the exception of finish line timers, most Field Shifts do not last the entire meet — however the start window can often fluctuate, therefore the Volunteer site shows a three-hour shift. Snack Stand is split into two shifts because it includes set up (starting at 2 pm) and tear down. Finish line timers, for consistency’s sake, do work the entire meet unless they can split the shift with someone who is equally familiar with the process (later in the season). At Mustang Relays, due to the long day, there are two shifts of Timers (and they are only used to back up the electronic timer used for that day).

See you Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday!

Cindy McMahon, Booster Prez
for The Booster Board

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